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Kids in the outdoors

Our Plan


Our plan with KITO is to start out with monthly trips to an outdoor recreational center (with our first trip taking place in late August 2020) – taking groups of up to 20 kids aged 5-16 on hiking, fishing, shooting, or some other form of outdoor recreational trip. During these day trips, we will be teaching these kids all about what the outdoors has to offer – even teaching them about the numerous career occupations within the outdoor industry. We will be serving all meals during those day trips, ending the evening with a fireside cook out and devotional talk, helping further the positive thinking and mindset that these kids so desperately need. From this initial phase, we plan on growing KITO into a complete outdoor experience for these children – offering overnight trips, grants and scholarships for outdoor based programs, and outdoor rewards for school and behavior performance!

How To Help

 These trips and future grants/scholarships for KITO will be completely funded through fundraising efforts and donations of private donors, and while Apex Protein Snacks will be donating 2% of gross sales to the 501C3, we want to open KITO to donations from anyone who would like to help further our mission! To help, please click on the Kids In The Outdoors Logo underneath this paragraph. Thanks for helping us get more kids in the outdoors!

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Growing up in a family surrounded by Outdoorsman, I’ve been involved in outdoor recreation since I could walk (and actually even before that!). Grown on a foundation spent in the outdoors – which in and of itself is built on the premises of hard work, dedication, respect, determination and so many other high-character values, I can truly say the outdoor lifestyle shaped my mind set and character for the better – more so than any other influence growing up, and I am eternally grateful for the opportunity to learn and grow in this environment.

Unfortunately, so many children in the US today are not able to experience the Outdoors, and grow up in poverty-stricken inner city situations that limit or even completely prohibit the chance to get outdoors and take part in the recreational activities that make so many of us who we are. That is where the concept for Kids In The Outdoors (KITO), a non-profit based out of Missouri and focusing it’s efforts in the Kansas City area, was created from.


Kids In The Outdoors is a Missouri 501C3 we created after months of research and coming to the realization that almost no organizations today truly focus on getting under privileged kids, or children growing up in poverty-stricken situations, in the outdoors to take part in recreational activities. The kids growing up in these difficult situations are often the most at risk for picking up bad habits and behaviors, which can (and usually does) lead to higher crime and poverty rates as adults. By offering these children an escape from the inner-city life by taking them on outdoor trips, they see and experience trips and a lifestyle that they never would’ve been exposed to otherwise.

Apex & KITO Partnership

Before Apex Protein Snacks was ever created or operational, the idea for donating a portion of gross sales (NOT profit) to a 501C3 dedicated to helping children get outdoors was at the forefront of our minds, and with the recent events taking place across America, we decided to focus our efforts on children living and growing up in these poverty-stricken areas more than any other group. Our mission statement for KITO is an extremely simple statement that explains exactly why it was created: “Helping underprivileged kids under the age of 16 find their way into the Great Outdoors!”

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